Creating a special Prom!

There has been so much sadness and fear for Megan since September when she lost the ability to walk. One day glowing with pride and feeling certain she would make the honour role for her Grade 8 graduation! The next day head spinning and bouncing off walls!

Yesterday morning she faced  and conquered a needle phobia in order to complete a test for Wilson’s disease . Very proud of her and thankful to the full waiting room for letting her get into the test before them. However, after she did the blood test bravely Megan encountered her first seizure..her head rolled back, her eyes rolled back, her head and body started convulsing. Extremely scary to watch as a parent for a whole minute. Then she fainted for 5 minutes and is feeling light headed and off today.

I know that my daughter only wanted one thing, she wanted the ability to walk up on stage to get her grade 8 diploma. That could still happen but I am not counting on that in order to make that day special for her!

I want to make this graduation a day where she feels like a princess. I want to find someone to do her hair, her makeup, make a dress for her so that she doesn’t have to fight with traditional sizes that never fit her right or make her feel pretty!  Flowers, decorations for her wheelchair, shoes, photographs to capture a beautiful girl on a perfect day! I have  photographers  offering their services..a friend who will take the train from hamilton and spend the night to do her makeup on the day of her prom, and I will focus on finding as many ways as possible to make that day one she never forgets! If you know of any way to help me with these items I would really appreciate it, after losing my job I can’t afford to financially make this all happen but I am hopeful that the world of social media can bring together a caring group to make this perfect!

Hugs and thank you to anyone who can help!



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