Fatty Liver Disease – what you need to know

Fatty Liver disease is something my daughter was diagnosed with at the age of 11. In the 2 years since she has had the disease I have learned a lot. Unfortunately I have learned NOTHING from doctors. They do not understand this disease and they basically pat the patient on the head and tell them to lose weight and exercise and everything will  be ok. My daughter has tried and has not been successful and I now know that is because when your liver is not functioning correctly nothing internally is functioning right.

I am now driven to start a movement regarding this disease. Education of the general population is key. We think of sick livers being caused by alcohol or sharing dirty needles, we do not think of it associated to the ice cream cone we enjoyed at baskin robbins!

This disease has been diagnosed in children as young as 4, that is very scary, my 13 year old has a chronic illness and that is scary! These are CHILDREN, chronic illness is for the middle aged folks, the elderly even!! If its showing up in our kids our world is in serious trouble and we need to change things NOW!!

Feed your children organic foods, fresh fruits , fresh veggies, get your meat from a butcher , go back to basics please! No more convenience foods filled with chemicals…if you don’t understand what is on the side of the label why are you eating it!

I have approached the Canadian Liver Foundation about starting a sister foundation dedicated to Fatty Liver disease. I truly believe this will be as big as diabetes in the next 20 years and that a lot of us have it already without major symptoms. Once the major symptoms are showing up , you have damaged your liver and your goal is to prevent further deterioration! The next time you have a blood test ask to have your AST and ALT  levels checked, even if you are skinny on the outside you may be fat on the inside, so do not take it for granted that this is only a disease of the obese!

The sooner you find out about the condition of the liver , the easier it is to resolve with diet and exercise.

Hugs….and nope did not get that job from last week …but may have found my calling instead!

See my support group in facebook to understand this even further!




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