Detoxing a liver and exciting days too!

Well I know you are scratching your head wondering if I have hidden a serious drinking problem from my readers. I assure you I have not although, I would gladly take the liver issue from my child and let her have a life less complicated.

My daughter has Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease , this is a disease that is quietly growing within society due to lifestyle factors and the change in the quality of our food sources.

Our liver is such an important part of our body, it is responsible for detoxifying everything we throw at it. So if you think about it, it was originally dealing with whole foods, and life was easy, it knows what to do with the natural foods, thats its job in life.  Then we started throwing other things into our stomach, convenience foods laced with preservatives and chemicals, drugs over the counter and prescription, junk food, extreme sugar drinks and caffeine too!

So its really not shocking that our liver decide FINE thats it, if you are going to abuse me like this , I am going on strike.When our liver goes on strike he is the worst type of striker! He sends toxins through our bodies ,exhausting us, making us sick, stealing the ability to sleep, ability to exercise without pain, ability to eat without pain.

Essentially your liver is your stomach god, if he is not happy , nothing in your stomach will be.

Doctors do NOT understand this disease yet, i have a group I started on facebook that is there it support people who are struggling with NAFLD and NASH, they are constantly told go home lose weight  and exercise and everything will be ok! Or the other extreme, they are told your liver is destroyed you will need a transplant or you will die.

Either way no real direction except panic and fear for patients. What can I EAT? Can I ever have a glass of wine or beer again?  Does this mean I am obese?   I have a member in the group who is 6 foot 3 and 170lbs. He was told to lose 5 lbs and his liver will be fine!!! We have almost 300 members in this growing support group and we are learning more about this liver disease thanks to each other versus most doctors who are claiming to help our members.

So thanks to Brandon my daughter has started a 60 day detox diet for her liver. It is not easy for my daughter, there are foods on here that make her squirm, but Brandon did a great job of creating a diet that is customized to her and we will learn what foods upset her liver and which foods the liver is happy with.

If you would like to see a copy of the 4 day rotating food plan that my daughter and I are using, you are welcome to look at it on Facebook in the support group i started.!/group.php?gid=40124237301

I did promise you exciting news too, I am thrilled that Monday I sent my resume for an online job posting (like I do everyday!) and within 30 minutes I was called back! In my technology field there are recruiters looking for the best candidates for companies. The recruiter loved my resume and my experience and I was brought in yesterday for an interview with them. I will know today if I will be selected out of 2 candidates who will be sent to the company for interviews. The field is down to 3, so cross your fingers everyone . I hope to report I have a great new job as early as next weeks blog!!




One thought on “Detoxing a liver and exciting days too!

  1. This is a great post Michelle,

    I would like to add that Megan, Michelle’s daughter was metabolically typed which gave me a base line of what proteins, carbohydrates and fats Megan should be eating for her unique metabolism. This way her nutrients supports her cells.

    This is very important to help the body detoxify properly especially if you have fatty liver disease you want to make sure that your not creating more toxins in the body because the food you are eating is not digesting properly or causing inflammation. Plus if you eat in the right ratio you will actually start to break down the adipose tissue “Fat” in the body. Which is another reason why you have to eat properly because your body will need to break down the fat and either use it as energy or eliminate it through a bowel movement or urinating it out. Which again why it is so important to support the liver and it cells with the proper nutrition.

    Plus I do have Megan on an exercise program as well to help break strengthen her system, build energy and help increase her metabolism.

    Great work Michelle on the interview I am really proud of you.

    If anyone has any questions you can e-mail me at

    Love & Chi,

    Brandon Krieger HLC2, CMTA

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