Hitting the Reset button

After running on adrenaline for the last 3 weeks , getting doctors, dentists, eye doctors probing at me while I still have company benefits. The chasing to ensure I would have unemployment insurance for a little while, the worrying about my grandparents and my child, I could finally breathe….take a deep long breathe and know that I had done everything I could in those 3 weeks.

So my immune system decided it was time for a little nap, in the corner watching , waiting with anticipation was a cold virus. He had been sitting in that corner knowing his time would come. He would RULE my body for a while. He started off by giving me a tickle in my throat, enough that my body shuddered….I knew he had arrived..I then spent the next 3 days under his control , no energy, sniffles, sore throat, every muscle aching, and a little dizziness too!

So this week there is not much to report on my progress other than this was a message to me to slow down, to balance things out again. I have created my full time work schedule for finding work. I will be getting to at least 2 networking sessions a week and making 100 calls out to prospective employers a week. Like weight loss and getting healthy I have to be consistent in order to see results.  Once my body is healthy again exercise will be back in my days. Megan and I are moving to a detoxification diet to help Megan’s liver and I will join her on that to help get my own eating back to the level where I know I will be successful again.

No need to panic, no need to worry, all my goals are moving forward just a little bit more slowly now.





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