The View from the Forest

I am living with many challenges that are impacting my focus and my healthy choices. Losing my job 3 weeks ago, doctors at sick kids rolling their eyes at my attempts within Alternate medicine world. Ex husband who jumps on that bandwagon and completely believes this is all in my daughters head. A 90 year old grandfathers whose body is ready to give up the battle of life. A broken wheelchair that has essentially kept my daughter stuck at home while we wait for a replacement part.

My focus has to be on finding another job. This is the right focus and I am finding lots of job listings that are a good fit for me. I am likely applying to 5 or more a day. I am well aware that each time i send a resume , mine is one of 100’s that have arrived that hour for the same job. It’s not easy to stand out.

I do feel like I am lost in a forest, trees in my way, no clear path for my future.

But lets look at some positives

There are LOTS of jobs available

I am making the right decisions for my child

The wheelchair part is now in and is being installed today!

My grandfather is 90 !!!! He has lived an amazing life and his spirit will always be with me!

Also in the last week there was someone i want to talk about who brought me smiles and special moments

Kirsten is an amazing woman that I met while working at Canadian tire, we carpooled for 4 months and spent 2 hours a day sharing life and stories and challenges .  Little did I know I was spending time with a woman who would become part of my foundation of best friends. I took my daughter to dinner their Saturday night and Kirsten’s autistic son came up to my daughter and gave her a hug. This is unusual for him. He does not usually get comfie with people that quickly. Kirsten’s fiance was also very supportive of my daughter telling her she is beautiful, talking to her about history and geography and possible future careers.  This night was perfect and will be a regular occurrence now!! Kirsten did something yesterday that touched me deeply. She honored me with a request to become her maid of honor (Babe of honor), I am thrilled to stand beside this couple and support a good marriage, one that they have fought for and have persevered through lots of challenges. Thank you Kirsten you mean the world to me! See her blog on WordPress as she prepares to run to raise funds for Autism. Wear Blue on Friday to support the cause!

I know I am not actually lost in the forest. Everyday I am placing another stone on my path. I do not know where its going, where it will lead. I just need to have faith that its taking me to a better future!!


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One thought on “The View from the Forest

  1. It is truly an honour to be your friend, Michelle. The steps you have been taking to improve your life have inspired me to look at my own life to see how I can make it better. To have you standing beside me on my wedding day will be so amazing. Thank you for being you.

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