Dancing My Butt Off!!

Dancing has always been an escape for me, somewhere I can let lose and forget about all the stress that surrounds my world and give myself to the music.  I also sing along to the radio regardless if I know the lyrics but thats another topic!

Dancing this weekend became a different experience when I went out to a 40’s singles event where they were offering 2 hours of latin dance lessons. I had no idea what to expect other than embarrassment! We started with the Merengue and that seemed to go smoothly I was focused and paid too much attention to counting the steps and not enough attention to letting the music guide me for the first time in my life lol!! Then we were introduced to some basic salsa steps and by that time the sweat pouring off me told me this was one heck of a workout!! I tripped over my feet more times than I can count and laughed a lot, a great experience with my friends Lisa and Aly and I now know I want to take lessons and make this part of my exercise routine regularly!

I went to see Brandon last night, I knew it was the day of reckoning and time to get weighed and measured. It has been a month since I did this and as I reflected over the month, I went in not expecting anything. The month included me losing my job, a focus on strengthening exercises, and crafts! Not on food, not on aerobic exercise. We have all been taught that in order to lose weight we need to decrease our food intake and increase our aerobic exercise. I had moved to a diet that was protein heavy and was 80% healthy perfect eating and 20% eating just for fun! So I had burgers, fries and swiss chalet chicken. I even had a chocolate milkshake from an old drive in restaurant!

So Brandon hasn’t emailed my specific results but I can tell you I did not lose any weight this month. I even gained a pound. As Brandon put it , this is not a problem and is expected with the stress and changes in my eating this month.

There was a huge success in another area that totally blew me away and Brandon was just as surprised as I was!! He looked up at me and asked if I had noticed my pants getting looser! In fact I had I am now wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in 5 years and that was another success that had me dancing around the apartment , heck event that time my daughter didn’t gasp at my dancing with embarrassment and said I had every right to dance and celebrate that!!

So now I add another celebration I lost 9 INCHES in my HIPS!! that is HUGE!!! other areas of my body increased by an inch, dropped by an inch or 2 but nothing compares to the hip ratio!

This is the area where I have the most to lose, and it is falling off clearly lol! So I do not care what the scale reports this month at all!! I LOST 9 INCHES and I am getting stronger every week with my core exercises. Once my muscles are working on full throttle the number on that scale will start to drop again and it will drop fast , so hold on for the ride its a bumpy one and I will continue to dance my butt right to my high school reunion in March!!!

I will post the specific numbers Saturday and will have new pictures taken to show the progress! Make it a great week everyone I know I will!

Keep track of my progress at http://www.gethealthywithmichelle.wordpress.com and find me on twitter as micha009 and facebook michelle clermont. If you add me there please send me a quick message telling me you are following me from blog!


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