A Day of Fun Food and Lessons Learned

My daughter and I made a deal, if she got through 6 weeks of healthy eating she could have one day to eat whatever she wanted. She was anticipating this day, counting down to it.

Yesterday was the day! She started off by buying candy Friday night for yesterday Skittles and reeses pieces were going to be her sweets!

We got up and headed out for breakfast, I was telling myself not to react to the choices , to just have fun with the day and join in and eat what I want too. She surprised me by eating pretty healthy at Cora”s with a ham crepe and fruit cup.

On the way to lunch she was snacking on Skittles.

Lunch was an old favorite burger place I indulged in a cheeseburger, fries with gravy and a chocolate shake, Megan did the same with vanilla shake.

We ate in the car. All of a sudden Megan was feeling terrible, overheating, light headed, She did eat her burger but did not eat her fries even tho she had been looking forward to them.

She did not want anything else in her tummy and she glared at me for the first time that day and said FINE you are RIGHT about the food!

I had a lot of my own stomach complaints  too!

We got home and I napped. Megan feeling better started eating the rest of her skittles.

I got up and then Megan needed to nap….she slept for 2 hours and if I did not wake her up i knew she would sleep through the night. But she had really wanted to go to Mandarin chinese buffet for her dinner and I woke her up to head over there.

We started with salad, with unhealthy salad dressings! then the hot buffet and megan got lots of chicken balls and onion rings, and fried rice which she quipped “finally good rice” (not enjoying the basmati rice at home)  After she ate that plate she started doubting her choices, she talked about how she now knows that this food really hurts her,she did not get dessert , and was very tired and just wanted to go home.

We got home and Megan was running to the bathroom, she almost passed out with the level of pain in her stomach. She was laying on the couch begging me to make the pain stop. I knew there was no way other than getting that food out of her system and she spent another hour clasping at her gut ,praying for death!

So Megan has learned a very valuable lesson. There was no doubt in her mind of the connection of the unhealthy food choices and how she was feeling yesterday.

I expect today will be quiet for her and that she will want nothing but healthy foods in her body from now on.

Lesson learned

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