Progress on other levels!

I continue to move forward with my exercise, and my nutrition, went to my family doctor for a physical and she is absolutely thrilled with my blood pressure, and all my blood results except for one little number that will be resolved with my new lifestyle soon.

My coaching is also looking at the self defeating habits and teaching me to view things differently. I am in a processing mindset right now ,some of it hurts and makes me cry, but all of it is correct and its time i lived the life I am entitled to without all the baggage of my past.

Now for what is really on my mind!! My daughter Megan is the key to my getting healthy, she has been a sick child and I have to model for her the right eating and exercise for her to start getting healthy too.  She is currently dealing with extreme dizziness, stomach issues, and general pain throughout her body. I knew after the traditional medical system was unable to find answers for her and prescribed anti depressants and physio that she had been written off.

So I have moved into the Alternative medicine world for her, she saw an osteopath on Tuesday this week. He spent an hour with her and found that her uterus is twisted like a corkscrew , which is likely the cause of a lot of her pain. her liver is covered with fat and is not functioning at a good level which in turn will not properly detoxify her body and is  causing more of the pain. Her brain does have some overlapping that has blocked her pituitary gland as well. Some of this may be related to the dizziness but there are no promises it will resolve that. We can look forward to relieving some of her pain, and a side effect could be an improvement in her ability to walk.

This gives us HOPE again. We had hope when we went to Sick kids and it was destroyed. I have faith in my team now and megan feels validated for the first time in 2.5 years of illness!!

I know we have made the right decision for Megan and I am praying that we can finally get her the relief she so desperately needs to be a normal 13 year old girl!

This is a thinking week, a processing week, a learning week….I am growing!

I found a simple test to ensure your vitamins are effective try this:


Few people know that the majority of vitamins and supplements on the market today fail to fully dissolve after consumption. This is largely due to a process known as compression, which compacts the contents so tightly that they cannot breakdown during the digestion process. As a result, most of the nutrition simply passes through the body, without you receiving the full – or any – of the intended benefit.

A simple test can show you the difference between good multivitamins and the other leading brands. Mix one-half a cup of warm water with one-half cup of white vinegar (this liquid will mimic the acidic conditions within your stomach). Drop the brand you’re currently using into the mixture  Wait 30 minutes and then look at the differences.

1. The supplement has not dissolved – in fact, it looks almost like it did when you placed it in the mixture. In this case, you are likely to excrete all of the contents of the supplement, which means you’ll not get any of the promised nutritional benefits.

2. The supplement has only partially dissolved, and is now floating on top of the mixture, possibly stuck to the side of the glass. In this outcome, you are likely to excrete most – if not all – of the contents of the supplement, thereby depriving your body of the promised nutritional benefits. Not only that, but you’re likely to experience an upset stomach.

3. The supplement has mostly dissolved, but the contents have sunk to the bottom of the glass. As in the second case, you are likely to excrete the contents of the supplement, depriving your body of the promised nutritional benefits.

4. The supplement has fully dissolved and is floating on top of the mixture. This is the result you should expect from your supplement, and it means that your body will benefit fully from the included nutrients.

Hope this helps you ensure that your vitamins are helping you….if your vitamin is not effective get in touch with me for one that is!!

Have a great week!


One thought on “Progress on other levels!

  1. Great post Michelle,

    A few things I would like to add Michelle is on the right path from everything thing she has dealt with in her past. She has made leaps over some challenging time and is growing leaps and bound.

    Michelle is learning about the “Love Model” which teaches how to communicate actively in any relationship. She is also learning about her immediate relationships and how to work with them for her.

    I haven’t had a chance to talk to Michelle about this but with Megan’s fatty liver issue I am going to put her on a Metabolic diet which will help the body naturally break down the un-wanted fat in the body as well support her body so it will go back to homeostasis (balance). When the liver is stressed/over worked it will accumulate fat around it. This goes for any organ, what the stress is that is a different story. Could be physical, emotional, chemical…etc who knows I am not a doctor and don’t diagnose. All I know is that we have to support Megan’s body and let it heal itself by just going back to basics:

    1) Eating right for her Metabolic Typing
    2) Going to be at 10:30pm
    3) Drinking 2 to 3 litres of good quality water per day
    4) Proper Exercise
    5) Megan has to have some fun.

    I call this the last 4 doctors

    Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness and Dr. Movement

    Great post Michelle, your on your way to reaching your goal and have the team at Ultimate Sports Therapy to help Megan and yourself reach your goals.

    Love & Chi,

    Brandon Krieger H.L.C. level 2, C.M.T.A. ®, N.W.S.


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