February Pics and updates!

I am super energized after my second appointment at Ultimate Sports Therapy. Met with Brandon and he had reviewed most of my responses to all the questions and he has quickly picked up on the fact that my life has been full of trauma through all stages, I have been responsible for the care of others my entire life and essentially didn’t really develop the way I needed to. I have coped and survived but now its my time to THRIVE!

So not only do I work on the food and the exercise  but I make sure that I am balanced , Brandon knows I am very analytical and I am always thinking and he wants me to relax more and not worry so much.

I am basically going back to kindergarten to start making a habit of daily arts and crafts, today I worked on a watercolour pencil kit and finished a pretty picture of a bird house. The other cool part of that experience is that my almost 17 year old son and my 13 year old daughter are also picking up the crafts and spending time doing that!

I am also going back to kindergarten level fitness, I never ever really learned how to exercise correctly and certainly have never really made the time to make this a priority in my life. So I see Brandon 2 days a week and he is working on getting my muscles working, wall pushups, squats, balancing on one foot,  stepping, tummy tightening, and leg lifts on exercise ball. This will be a slow gradual process i only do with him. the other days on my own 20 minutes of walking and the tummy tightening…gotta wake my muscles up lol!

I am journalling my food this week, no specific changes to my eating, except that i am to pay attention to my mind, energy, cravings, hunger, physical feelings and mood 2 hours before i eat and 2 hours after i eat. The 2 hour windows before and after will be the biggest challenge for me, I will be doing this for the next 2 weeks and then Brandon will look at those results to fine tune my eating to ensure my energy is high all day.

I am completely , totally sold and know this is the exact answer I have always needed in order to take  care of the entire health and emotional picture that is my life and take all of that into account as I create the Michelle I have always been destined to be!

Thanks to Usana, Brandon, CHFI, my friends, my kids and my family for your contiued support in my journey! I can’t wait to introduce you all to the healthy balanced Michelle!

Long Term Goal – 160lbs by November 1 2010


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