Under 250lbs first time in 5 years!

Wow on January 18 ,2010 I weighed 264lbs. This is the weight I have hovered around for at least 3 years and I suspect 5 years. My life has been full of stress, A divorce, losing my 13 year career, losing family members to death, losing family members due to mental illness stealing their abilities to be healthy influences in my life. Being unemployed for 9 months in 2009 and dealing with a child with a mystery illness that has essentially stolen her social life from her. My personal relationships have had major heart aches, sad decisions to end a friendship that I cherish due to her bad choices and essentially turmoil.

But through this I have stood strong and moved forward, focussed on them for too long and not focussed on myself. This is the first time in years that I have done something to truly improve my health. It always seemed to be on the back burner. When my fighting to get my daughter into the best childrens hospital in Ontario resulted in shrugged shoulders and no direction I knew I had to refocus my energies.

In order for me to be able to cope with her illness, be strong for everyone who needs me, to be around for grandchildren and maybe great grandchildren I have to be healthy.

I can feel it in my soul, I am doing it this time, nothing will derail me no matter what attempts my life throws my way.

Its Feb 16, 2010 and I weighed in at 249 lbs this morning.  15 lbs gone in one month, I looked back at a weight watcher journal i started in Nov 2007. I started at 266 lbs and 6 weeks later the only thing i had acomplished was 264 lbs.

I know my heart was not in it, I know unless you are truly prepared to live a new lifestyle and stop relying on the crutches of convenience foods, drive thru’s and junk food you will never truly beat this animal. The addictive nature of these foods is too strong and we indulge and then hate ourselves for being weak, eventually accepting that we are a failure and walk away! No more for me, yes of course I will occasionally indulge in wings at the bar with friends, nachos with my kids…but it will not be a regular choice. I will choose healthy to put my body first over the temptations as a rule!

I went shopping on Saturday at plus size consignment store and bought 5 items in size 22, they are a little snug, but not for long and I will be able to bring these clothes back when I drop to Size 20 to resell to other ladies! Its the perfect solution and no more droopy pants at work for me!

I ate out 4 times this week,

once a steak salad with dressing on the side and did not indulge in the bread basket

once  a healthy stir fry with basmati rice and small bowl of mango sherbert

once a Roast beef club sandwich on whole grain bread with salad. I ate half the sandwich and then removed the bread of the other half and ate the inner items that were the proteins and fats that i needed.

We also ordered pizza. My daughter really struggles with Pizza lunch at school making the temptations very difficult for her to deal with. I order a thin crust, with no cheese and used ham, pineapple, onions and peppers.

I am going to be able to deal with the real world and will not live in a bubble. You just have to chose differently! 

I am adding a holistic coach from Mississauga into my mix , he will be refining my nutrition choices, designing my exercise routine, reviewing my overall health, posture and metabolic information to fine tune my approach and keep me successful moving forward. I will keep using USANA supplements and I hope all of you take the time to find vitamins that work for you and are pure and manufactured consistently! Please see my blog for more details on that, plus all the other challenges I dealt with last week! http://gettinghealthywithmichelle.wordpress.com



My sponsors will be getting an email with my complete measurements and instructions on how to fulfill the first month of sponsorship!


2 thoughts on “Under 250lbs first time in 5 years!

  1. That’s amazing to hear of your weight loss success! I know how hard it is to get motivated enough to lose weight… I combat it every day trying to get myself to thin down. The problem isn’t about eating at home or at work, but whenever I have to go out and eat, that’s where the problems begin. I often get a very healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner if it is eaten at home or work… but when it comes to get-togethers with my friends, it all falls apart!

    However, clearly you are able to maintain healthiness while going out to eat. This weekend has been terrible for me… combining Valentines, Chinese New Years and Family day, it just massacred my attempts to eat healthy and cut down intake.

    To see someone who has more “heart” to keep up with sticking to a weight-loss plan and continued efforts makes me proud! Congrats. (Even though I can’t do it myself, lol… fail)

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