Are your multi Vitamins helping you?

I was so surprised to learn that all of the vitamins I was buying at the local drugstore were not actually doing anything to help my body! I trusted that my local drug store would carry products that would help, I was wrong and i know so many of us trust those stores to point us in the right direction regarding our health.

So what have I learned? That very few deaths are actually attributed to the vitamins we are using, compared to the deaths caused by actual drugs we are put on to deal with illness they are harmless, so a bad choice will not kill you!

So why should you care? Well the problem in multi vitamins tend to be that they don’t use proper manufacturing processes or testing processes to ensure the amounts on the labels match what is in the jar. The other problem is that there are 2 things in them that can cause health issues. Too much Vitamin A is dangerous and so is Too much iron. A Canadian study at Trent University tested 70 brands of Calcium supplements US and Canadian. Less than 20% actually contained lead levels that were lower than we find in milk, worse though is the remaining 80% have lead levels that are way higher than we should be consuming and please don’t give them to your kids!

So if the inconsistency in the manufacturing processes don’t scare you yet here is the bottom line.  The basic story is that we are just losing the nutrients in our urine on a daily basis, and what lead, vitamin A and iron is being left behind and causing problems in our bodies? Are you comfortable knowing that?

The reality today is that our foods no matter how careful we are are filled with pesticides, growth hormones, and disease that we cannot avoid. Organic farmers can’t truly be organic due to the prevalence of disease and pests, they have to use some in order to make enough crops to sell to the marketplace.  The processed foods in our world, the genetically modified foods, the diet foods are all doing some level of damage in your body. So how does your body deal with those chemicals and dangerous things we ingest..its smart and it stores it inside our fat. On a skinny woman , think about it, that means its only in their breasts and what does that tell you about increasing breast issues , cysts,cancer, etc…

As a larger woman my body has lots of places to store those poisons, so as I am getting healthy with my eating and exercising my risk is actually that the toxins in my fat are getting released into my body and my organs are at risk of damage.

We all have to deal with the chemicals, our bodies fight this for you, but we really need to give it a little help!

So please invest in a GOOD vitamin source I am providing a list of the top 10 in Canada and in the US . I do suggest you throw out what you have and either order them from a representative( I do distribute USANA) who sells them directly,or go to your local health food store and find the ones available there. Try to stick with 3 star or higher and the book to read is Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle Macmillan. The ones selected are not all the options at all the book has TONS of them. Canada does not have as many quality vitamins available as the US market but I hope to see that  change in the next few years!


1. Douglas Labratories Ultra Prevention X  – 5 Stars

2. Truestar Health TrueBasics – 5 stars

3. Usana Health Sciences – 5 Stars

4. New Roots Herbal Multi-Max Immune – 4.5 star

5. Selekta Selekta Clear – 4.5 star

6. Canprev – Immuno Pro – 4 stars

7. Body Wise Right Choice AM/PM – 3.5 stars

8. Genuine Health +multi+powder – 3.5 stars

9. Natural Factors Well Betx (and others of this brand) – 3 star

10 New Roots Herbal Multi-Max – 3 stars


1. Creating Wellness Alliance (all)  5 stars

2. Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventative IX – 5 Stars

3. Usana Health Sciences Essentials – 5 star

4. Healthywize Vital Nutrients  – 5 Stars

5. Life Extension Foundation Life Extension Mix – 5 Star

6. Allergy Research Group Wholly Immune – 5 star

7. Country Life Superior – 4.5 stars

8 .Ortho Molecular Products Alpha Base – 4.5 stars

9 Vitamin Shoppe Life Essentials Multi – 4.5 stars

10. Visalus Vi Pak – 4.5 stars


5 thoughts on “Are your multi Vitamins helping you?

  1. I would also suggest you check out the company Life Force International. Read up on their flagship product Body Balance. If you would like the link to my health blog where I have posted several articles about the health benefits of Body Balance etc. Please get back to me and I will send you the link.

    Be Well,


  2. wow! that is such a great blog & very informative! I use all USANA vitamins & I only trust them for my 93 year old grandmother, daughter, son & husband! They are a bit more expansive then drug store brands but if the drug store brands don’t do anything then it seems like they are cheaper in reality then don’t they? I notice such a difference in my energy level & knock on wood I haven’t been sick at all last year of this year…when all alot of my friends that don’t take anything are complaining all the time on facebook that they are sooooo sick!

  3. Very informative. My family and I use the Usana Vitamins and they are excellent. I was shocked at the difference the HealthPak made in just the first week.

    Most people find it hard to pay that much for vitamins, even though it’s only about 2 dollars per day.

    I am going to start carrying CanPrev for my patients as well, because it is about half the price, and it’s a family owned Canadian Business. 🙂

  4. I stay healthy using New Roots Herbal products, I visited their facility last year while traveling through Montreal to see what kind of company it was since I was buying some of their products, figured they were some hippy company…well it is state of the art facility with a huge laboratory, GMP manufacturing, and they test all the ingredients for potency and microbiology. After visiting them I switched over to them for all my needs. I dont think most health products companies in Canada do as much as they do to ensure that what they print and claim on their labels…actually is there!
    I think only like 3 other health product companies in Canada have a laboratory like New Roots, probably like Natural Factors, and Genuine Health.


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