Wohoo dropped a size!!

I will be weighing in Tuesday with my one month official results. I knew a couple weeks ago I would have to replace my work pants as they were really getting droopy!!

This week I could feel them slipping as i walked and I knew I was heading for being part of the song “pants on the ground” My jeans , and top clothing are still ok and I expect I will get another 10 lbs out of the rest of my clothes.

Certainly a challenge when you are losing to but transitional clothes. I found a consignment shop in my area that caters to plus size women and I did get some great deals in there this morning.

The real positive of using a consignment store for this will be when I drop another size I can return these clothes to be resold to another lady!

I will not spend a lot of money in the transition, I will find the best quality I can for the cheapest amount I can, I am a single mom and there is nothing easy about budgeting this in but I really have no choice right now!

So YEAHHHHH MEEEEE I have dropped to size 22 from size 24.!!

I love the foods I am eating and I am NOT craving junk or processed foods at all!

Hey if you have some great clothes in size 22 or 20 that you might be willing to lend me please get in touch!




3 thoughts on “Wohoo dropped a size!!

  1. Holly, you are absolutely correct, it shows that you’re an authority on the subject. I admire someone that takes the pride you have and with your projecton of information. oSo when i actually do sit down to read material, I appreciate well written and organized blogs like this one. I have it bookmarked and will be back. Thanks.

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