Do you think you couldn’t eat like me?

I want to share a bit of my weight loss history and how I was eating up until a month ago.. I hope lots of you can relate and then can see that this is not an impossible change just one that is a different lifestyle choice!

I first knew i was heavy in about grade 8, I started getting teased for that, I remember at age 15 being told by a boy that i was pleasantly plump! I broke up with him and started losing weight for the first time. I stayed slim from 15 – 19 years of age, I was very popular with the boys and I loved the attention I got!

 At the age of 19 I met the man I would marry and started gaining the comfortable in a relationship weight. Got married at 22 and before I walked down the aisle I lost about 20 lbs on a 800 calorie diet…after the pressure of being perfect for my wedding was done, I gained that 20 back very easily…10 of it on honeymoon! I got pregnant at age 25 and I was about 185 lbs.  With the pregnancy I gained about 35 lbs . After my first baby I lost about 10 lbs after the baby and then stayed at around 200 lbs… At age 27 had my daughter and gained about 30 lbs with her…that time i lost another 10 lbs. 

I was working full time in a great career and I had the perfect house, seemed like the perfect marriage, the perfect career. I realized I was unhappy and I decided I had to lose weight to be happy…So I joined Weight Watchers at a starting weight of 225 lbs. In 6 months I lost 30 lbs by eating well and exercising. I was on the treadmill every morning and focussed!  About a year later I was starting to gain it back and I was still unhappy. I realized it was my marriage but with 2 young kids I didn’t know what to do about it…so I ATE!  At age 35 my marriage was over and I was 225lbs. 

I faced the dating world at age 36…was so terrified that men would not be attracted to me! I decided I would take my  chances and face online dating at my current weight…if a man could not love me at my worst he did not deserve me at my best!

Very interesting fact about men, a large number of them are attracted and prefer bigger girls! They may not want to tell their friends about that, but online I was always chased!!

I hit a bout of depression at 37 that totally threw me off track…I had to be put on anti depressant and I gained another 25 lbs during that time.

I stayed at around 250 lbs for and tried weight watchers a number of times, i just couldn’t get my motivation together.

I was a single mom with a sick kid and working full time. So exhausted every day, my blood pressure went high and I was put on drugs to cope with that!  I was always good with eating breakfast and i did that every day….of course sometimes that was a tim hortons muffin , egg mcmuffin from mcdonalds , or donuts but generally cereal…. I would usually have fruit in the morning and a lunch…sometimes packed and brought in and sometimes fast food! Dinner by the time i got home usually too tired to do any real cooking so liptons noodles and sauce, uncle bens fast and ready rice packs, frozen veggies and shake n bake chicken or pork or spaghetti loaded up with a ton of pasta and a little sauce, friday nights were pizza night and weekends usually tried to get out for a dinner with my kids in a restaurant and wings were always a favorite. Dessert often icecream and chips for snacks at night.

My son, my doctor , my stepdad all told me they were worried about my weight and that I had to try to focus on it. With a daughter who has been so sick for 2 years i just kept putting it off until my life was under more control!

In January 2010 , my life is still crazy, my daughter is still sick, finances are still difficult and dating world is still a challenge!  BUT I now know that unless I get healthy I will not be here for my kids and grandkids, they NEED me. I need to enjoy life more! 

I have done the yoyo dieting, I have lived through more than I will share on here, I know it seems impossible to throw out all your habits and start over! But I have done it and its forever! If I can do it SO CAN YOU!!!!




2 thoughts on “Do you think you couldn’t eat like me?

  1. Its truly all about selections that we make when it comes to appearing and feeling wonderful. Excuses merely come when somebody has a priority that is higher. The challenge comes when something else comes along that involves your health, then you have got to reassess and calculate outfor youwhat is the most essential.

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