Introducing Brandon Krieger to my Team!

“Michelle I have spoke to you over e-mail a few times and read your blog. I see how important it is for you to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle.

  We are going to start from the beginning, I’m going to have you do a postural assessment, Lifestyle questionnaires, stress evaluation, nutrition questionnaires..etc. This way I know exactly where we are starting from. Then I’m going to coach/educate you about your unique lifestyle and develop a nutrition program, exercise program, that will work with your lifestyle to help you reach your goal(s). I develop each and every program specifically for the needs of the person I’m working with. I will be assessing you each and every session to make sure you are on track working towards your goals. I will be modifying your program as needed to make sure you stay on track. We will be developing specific measurable goal(s) for you and an action plan on how we’re going to accomplish them.”

 That’s my action plan, I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday”

Adding Brandon to my mix will allow me to look at my unique health situation that does include life long allergies, high blood pressure and some depression. Then look at my sleep patterns , my hobbies, my stress levels in life and then customize things for me that will be truly suited to my life and needs. The approach will stay the same overall clearly I want to avoid processed foods and diet foods and junk food, its just fine tuning for me!! I will continue to use Usana products in my mix as I truly see that as a quality company in the supplement world and when you have a 5 star company on your side there is no reason to change!!

I will introduce my team to you all over the next week so you can get to know the wonderful people i am surrounded by and they may inspire you too!

This is Brandon’s page!

Hugs Michelle


3 thoughts on “Introducing Brandon Krieger to my Team!

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