Dealing with PMS Advice Please!

Well, I know I am doing well considering the fact I have been dealing with extreme cramps and slight headache and I am exhausted at night…I have been making the meals I need to make but did have some chocolate chips yesterday to cope with the first craving I have had in this new eating plan.

I tried exercising more by taking 16 flights of stairs down yesterday and forcing extra walks during the day, I hoped it would reenergize me and distract the cramps. 

This morning I have sore thigh muscles and calf muscles and still cramps!! I just want the bleeding to start so I can move on from this stage!! So I am looking for advice on coping with PMS better next month, what foods should I focus on , what exercises will help me cope better next month?

I can so see why our eating habits get totally derailed at this time of month, its like we have little lions inside of us roaring for relief and the only way to calm the lion down is to feed it lol!

I know dark chocolate is good for health but how good and what percentage of cocoa is the minimum we can consider healthy?

Should I be using a Magnesium supplement? Should I be using a different herb?

Any advice is appreciated and I am staying positive depsite the lion!




4 thoughts on “Dealing with PMS Advice Please!

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, and for PMS cravings I posted an article on my blog specifically for that, so check that out 🙂

    Good luck to you and I have added you to my blogroll and look forward to taking this journey together!

    • I literally just read it and went down the list with check marks I have DONE all that lol!! my low glycemic eating should be helping this so I suspect its a magnesium level issue or another imbalance that i am praying is cleared in another month of the usana multi vitamins I am using. Hun, I highly recommend them to you as well. I have megan on them and they are starting to help her energy levels and digestion.

  2. MG is definitely known to solve menstrual cramps or even cramps in general. I had an ex who I had told to take MG before and during her period which really helped alleviate the pains. I cannot say this will work for everyone or attest to it since I lack a vagina and menstruation, lol, but at the least I can see the positive effects of it in her plus some other girl-friends who have approached me about this before.

    There are MANY herbs that can help this but unfortunately, there are so many that you really have to find what works for you. There’s a lot of Chinese medicine/herbs that assist with menstrual cramps and because of the way Chinese medicine is designed on a “per-body basis” so if you want to go down that route, consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor.

    A woman’s iron levels are severely affected during menstruation as well and has its ups and downs throughout the entire menstrual cycle. I would suggest you speak to a medical professional if you are considering this since you can take supplements for it. However, getting TOO MUCH iron is dangerous, therefore, knowing your levels and if that is what is affecting you will determine whether your body’s deficiency is attributing to your period pains.

    Hope all works out for you!

    Author of MEN in Menstruation

  3. Another great helper is water. Water, water and more water. Our bodies store water during our periods (hence the bloat), so if you drink more water it just improves your overall health and ability to cope with the monthly cycle. It gives your body much needed hydration.

    I have upped my water intake on a normal day to 10 – 8oz. glasses per day, and I drink 15 – 8oz. glasses during that time of the month.

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