USANA Reset Really makes a difference!!
So I know that I was scared and a lot of my friends were hesitant about me using a cleanse to start the weight loss effort. After completing that process I have to say it was the BEST possible way to start for so many reasons!
I admit it was difficult facing more shakes by Thursday but I did it, I got them in , I ate the nutritional bars, ate my fruits and veggies and drank tons of water. I did not cheat, I did not really feel hungry at any point.  I never thought I would do one of these either..
Here are the results:
Saturday morning when I tasted the turkey bacon, fresh fruit, stonemill sprouted bread and free range egg it was the best meal I had tasted in months!!
in comparison my daughter who ate Harveys Friday night and processed foods for the week prior to this really struggled with the tastes and textures of healthy food.
To me everything tastes great this week, to her she is dealing with cravings, not wanting the foods I have made and I know for her it will take weeks for her to adjust to the flavours and change.
To me I am always full, to her she is always hungry!
I know that would be me as well if I had not done a 5 day cleanse to prepare and to allow my body to get past the carbohydrate, diet food, processed food, junk food addiction!!
I feel more energy which may be related to the amazing vitamins I am taking but I think its more related to the quality of the foods I am eating.
When I stepped on the scale Monday morning, I knew that I would have had some fluctuation due to the fact I had started eating real food on Saturday. BUT I lost 9 pound last week!! 9 POUNDS!! I have NEVER EVER lost this much in a week before. I know it was shakes, bars etc but I was NOT hungry!! You cannot say that on any of the 800 calorie plans that are out there taking your money!!
So this weeks challenge is starting exercise and learning recipes and ways to be creative with the new low glycemic meals. Sun night we had Lemon Chicken, Baked Yam and stir fried veggies, Monday was chili with extra lean hamburger and Tuesday night was Salmon, Basmati rice and stir fried veggies. Lunches so far have been salads with chicken lots of fruits and veggies too! Breakfast I have been using the turkey bacon, egg , sprouted bread primarily but also made another shake Monday morning to provide a change and I was running late!!
Exercise will be moderate for me for a while…walking primarily with the addition of some Wii exercises in the morning. Being able to do some basic exercise will take me a long way from where I was!
Overall, I HIGHLY recommend the USANA Reset kit (about 140.00) to start your weight loss efforts off. It never left me hungry, I had lots of energy, I lost 9 lbs and most importantly the transition to low glycemic eating has been easy with NO cravings!! I will admit I am not fond of the vanilla shakes but I do enjoy the strawberry and chocolate ones with added fruit! I will continue using them occasionally but overall relying on real foods now!! If you are interested in getting a RESET kit for yourself or for a group of you, please email me at Michelle_clermont@rogers.com so that we can get a discount rate on them!
Your Low Glycemic friend Michelle

3 thoughts on “Week 2 USANA RESET REALLY WORKS!

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