Week 1 Getting ready to face the Scale!!

An interesting week for me, in preparing to do this , getting organized at home for the big day, my daughter and I eating as poorly as we could in preparation for the big day, overall getting my courage up to face the scale on Monday morning. My scale is the WII Fit. It complained i had not spoken to it in 361 days, i giggled a bit and took in a deep breath prepared for the worst case scenario on my weigh in results. I saw that my BMI is 42 and my weight is 263 lbs. This is 5 lbs heavier than I was 361 days ago and honestly not as bad as my imagination had created. I also knew I was going to start a cleanse program called RESET and that I would still have to feed my daughter during this week, so i got her frozen meals and muffins for breakfast that will have me in the kitchen for a limited time and should help keep me on track!

RESET goes for 5 days. Essentially it helps you stop carbohydrate cravings, cravings for junk food and also for the dreaded diet foods. It is scary how addictive all of these things are and they have caused the obesity epidemic and I am living proof! This program for the week will cleanse my system helping me to prepare for the healthy lifestyle I will be living from now on! As a side benefit I should loose about 5 lbs this week. During this 5 day period I will be using Macro optimizer shakes and bars, vitamins, fruits and veggies and lots of water. RESET and my supplements, shakes , bars are all available through Usana contact me at Michelle_clermont@rogers.com if you would like to hear more details on that. I know i will be a walking billboard for them through this process and the improvements I see!!

I decided on the first morning that I would allow myself one black coffee a day in addition to the plan. I can only handle so much change at one time!! I did struggle the first day with a strong sense of being tired and I did get a headache in the afternoon. I called my coach and she asked if i put fruit in my shakes and I said not today…she laughed and asked how much i was enjoying the shakes plain…i said honestly they are a bit grainy and do leave an aftertaste that i have to get used too…she said to always mix fruit in them and to increase my water intake! I was soo sleepy the first day and headache too this is my body fighting me on this path it wants me to feed it the food it is used too! I had a salad when I got home Monday night and that tasted awesome with a little bit of balsamic vinagrette on it. I slept like a baby and woke up Tuesday with the headache still trying to control me. I had my vanilla macro shake for brekkie with a bit of pineapple in it, for lunch I have chocolate banana shake . I brought a bag of carrots as well as my nutritional bars to get me through the day better! I also brought a Rev3 energy drink to take before I head home so i am not at risk of falling asleep on the drive! I did have more energy naturally but wanted to be safe if the sleepiness returned!! It’s 4:30 Tuesday and wow I do not have a headache and I do not feel tired!! I have only had one nutritional bar , 2 shakes 2 black coffees and a bowl of fruit that was bought for me today. I did not yet use my other nutritional bar or carrots and I did not use the energy drink which is good so that I can keep at the office for when I have a bad day and am sleepy at the end of the day before my commute home! I have an appointment with my family doctor this evening and I will have her order me a blood test to follow my progress monthly to see the improvements the vitamin supplements and changes in eating are having on my blood results! I do suggest all my followers do this too, its important to make sure you are getting healthier and not sicker no matter what approach you are taking for weight loss! My family doctor is ACTUALLY feeding her family with the low glycemic plan and she is fully 100% supportive of this one and assured me its the ONLY way to get sustainable weight loss…if you do not get rid of the processed foods the addiction will return!! It makes so much sense to me now, why did it take so long to understand!! No matter, i am on the right road now and I hope to inspire you too!!

On my motivation source…..I have created my fund raising form and I will have a website really soon so that you can pledge your support for me and help me reach my goal of getting my daughter able to walk up to the stage for her grade 8 graduation!!

Make it a great week everyone!!


One thought on “Week 1 Getting ready to face the Scale!!

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