Planning and vitamins too!!

11 pounds in 2 weeks and learning so much!

This week started with great intentions of working exercise into my daily rituals. What I did not forsee or plan for was the additional workload into my day of preparing to cook low glycemic meals. Chopping all the veggies for lunch salads , for dinner, cooking a breakfast versus Grabbing a breakfast. Not planning out my week but trying to come up with ideas for cooking on the fly in a world of low glycemic foods that I am not accustomed to eating!

So , exercise was not my focus after all that! I did manage to get a few walks in and I went dancing with a great group of ladies Saturday night which made every muscle in my body sore Sunday!! Food wise I did not stray from the low glycemic eating, possibly using too much salad dressing ,which i will sort out this week. I did have 1 cranberry and vodka Saturday night and then stuck to water for the rest of the night. I know I worked that drink off on the dance floor!!

Sunday I took the time to go through low glycemic cookbooks i had borrowed from library and was able to pull together a weeks long menu. This is posted in my group on facebook “getting healthy with michelle” You are welcome to steal some ideas from there! I also took the time Sunday to chop onions, carrots, celery, and green peppers for the week! Overall,the week should run more smoothly and with less panic about what to cook!!

Something that I have learned a lot about in this journey so far is how poor our food source quality is today. Even when you see organic sections in the grocery store there are some chemicals being applied to the crops, its just too expensive for farmers to do it without anything! Baby carrots are the source of tons of rumours around over processing , I an sticking to the ones Bugs Bunny eats!! Genetically modified this and that in order to make larger crops, Hormones fed to our livestock to create bigger animals, some foods create cancer and the next article has that food avoiding it…there is NO WAY to avoid it we have toxins in our body everyday and its not going to get better.

Our bodies are smart and store the toxins we eat in our fat cells. Very safe from the organs that our running our body functions and uneventful until you start to lose weight. As we lose weight we release the toxins that were stored in the fat. It is critical for us to use a high quality multivitamin grouping to put a defensive fence up around the organs that we need working well as we get healthy. I am using Usana as I trust them and they are a 5 star rated vitamin company. They have a great test to illustrate the difference between the store bought vitamin you get in the grocery store or drug store and a 5 star vitamin…In the example you get 3 bowls. you put water in each bowl and an apple slice. Then in 1 bowl put your normal daily vitamins, in the second bowl do not put anything additional and in the 3rd bowl put a 5 star quality vitamin like Usana. This in on youtube and called the apple test. Over days you watch the apple in the water only bowl the apple is starting to brown naturally, the 5 star vitamin is still essentially white but the scary result is the store bought vitamin that has a very dark and ugly looking piece of apple left. If your vitamin does that to the apple slice, what is it doing to your organs? Here is a site with a number of 5 star vitamins listed.

Please make sure you spend the money to replace the vitamins you got at the drugstore..they will be generally more expensive but aren’t you worth that level of protection?  I know between the cold fx, the vitamin d, the vitamin e, the vitamin c, the b complex vitamins, and the multivitamin I was buying monthly this works out about the same and I am feeling way better in reference to energy already!

I am so anxious to have people learn everything I know and I will make sure to add some value to each blog I write to help you make better choices too!

As always I am available for questions and comments at


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