My Reason for getting Healthy!

My 13 year old daughter has been wheelchair bound since September 2009, this is the latest in 2 years of undiagnosed health issues that have plagued her. 2 years ago she came down with a bad case of pneumonia…started to recover and then was hit with another 3 months of mono….she was struggling with a lot of pain and exhaustion , occasional fainting and dizziness and in december 2008 they diagnosed her with fatty liver disease. February 2009 she started her first period and it ran constantly until August 2009. No reasons found for that either… back to school in september 2009 and week 2 she is hit with extreme dizziness, i mean bouncing off walls no ability to balance herself EVER. She was looked at by ear, nose throat specialists, neurologists, and a special pediactric team at sick kids…she spent a week in december being looked at by as many doctors as possible at sick kids and they have NO idea what is wrong with her. All tests come back clean and her body is not providing any traditional clues.

All through this 2 year period i have been so emotional, fighting doctors and systems that cannot help my child. I know now I have to start looking outside the traditional medicine sources and look to alternative medicine for answers.

A friend of mine donated a wheelchair to megan so that we could stop renting one, she also let me know about a program she is part of called shrink a thon. …where we get people to pledge support of 1 – 5 dollars per pound and that money is put towards a charity or special cause.

well my daughter will be a cause for this, there is no better way for me to feel motivated or focussed on losing weight. If i can earn money to pay for alternative treatments and diagnosis for my own child this way I am committed to it. I am 41 years old, I must be 265 lbs at this point. i have high blood pressure and I am on anti depressants….its time and if I can be blogging my progress regularly i know that is an additional motivator and i can be providing updates on my daughters progress as we go!

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